• Bhai Sahib was the head sevadar of the historic Muktsar Gurdwara for many years. Before the partition of India, Tabla accompaniement to Bhai Sahib was give by Iqbal, one of the greatest Tabla players who went on to train great masters like, Tariq Khan and others.
  • He was the Hazuri Raagi in the Phillaur’s historic Gurdwaras and served for about a decade as the head Granthi for many of the Gurdwaras in Africa.
  • He was one out of the three most accomplished students of Prof. (Ustad) Darshan Singh Komal. Out of them Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi was very comfortable in lower musical notes, Bhai Beant Singh Bijli was more comfortable in higher notes, and Bhai Didar Singh who was so versatile, that he moved at ease like a fish between the highest and the lowest notes and did full justice to the intricacies of the Raag.
  • Bhai Sahib also had his brother who accompanied him on the Dilruba and Bhai Sahib himself used to play it before Harmoniums came in vogue.
  • Then Bhai Sahib moved to Kenya where he was the Head Granthi of all the Gurdwaras from 1968 – 1982. He was awarded a Gold Medal and often came on the local TV in Kenya in his years there.
  • After a successful career as a Head Granthi, Bhai Sahib went into retirement but kept doing Kirtan Seva in Phillaur and when visiting his family and close friends in UK and the USA.
  • From 2001 – 2007, when Bhai Sahib was living for a few years in the Washington DC area, he blessed Northern Virginia’s Sangat by sharing Gurbani Kirtan and Katha, and helped the Guru Angad Institute of Sikh Studies in propagating Kirtan done as per the age old Gurbani Kirtan Parampara.
  • Bhai Sahib Beant Singh ji ‘Bijli’ and his wife currently live in California, in the Los Angeles area.